Claudia + Phil with kids at the Thomas Center Gardens

What a treat to be able to photograph the family with their treasured pets. Aren’t they adorable!

This was my very first time photographing this lovely family of four - plus two furry critters. We decided to head over to the beautiful Thomas Center Gardens to take advantage of the perfect light at the golden hour. Claudia and Phil also live in the Duckpond neighborhood - so it was a very easy commute. They are also new to Gainesville (from south Florida) and wanted to show some of our North Central Florida landscape - like those dramatic draping Spanish Moss trees.

Phil’s mother was in town - so of course we included Abuela in some of the pictures.

How about these gorgeous kiddos!!

Don’t forget Mom and Dad too!

They were having way too much fun!

I just love the light at golden hour

I wish I could remember the names of their kitty and puppy - I just kept thinking - how cute! Everybody say, “ahhhhhhhhh”!

Towards the end of my sessions, I like to add some playtime and capture some emotion through motion. I do like posed portraits but if I’m honest - I prefer the look of the “imperfect” photographs that show the real connections.

This is one of my favorite games to play. Dad sneaking up on the kids.


I’m not sure if Dad will be able to do that again next year!

By the way - KUDOS to Mom for doing an excellent job with coordinating her outfits for her session. I just love the use of red/burgundy with the greys and the brown tone of little “P”.

I see you!

Thank you Claudia and Phil for sharing your beautiful family with me. I hope this is the beginning of a new friendship and I can watch those kiddos grow up….and the kitty and puppy too!